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NEW!: FINALLY!!!  New photos of Viet Nam in www.EmbraceSacredplaces.org  under 6 categories - Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism & Traditional religions  -  See: Traveling in Kashmir - July, August 2017 under CELEBRATE HUMANITY   -  See CURRENT for Founders trip to Kashmir, Ladakh & Siddha Tamil Nadu July & August 2017   -   Remember Embrace Palestinian Human Rights -  Embrace Rabbis & Rebs - See:  FOCUS   -   NEW! Palestinian Christians Urge World Council of Churches to Recognize the Holy Land Government as Apartheid - See: Human Rights   -  NEW! Traveling in Bali, Java, Viet Nam, Hong Kong & Singapore 2017  in CELEBRATE HUMANITY   -   NEW!  Embrace Founders Trip to Indonesia (Bali & Java), Viet Nam, Hong Kong & Singapore in CURRENT   EmbraceFoundationArchives.Org   -   Pentagon's Long Range Plans for Targeting Non-Western Civilians - Possibilities: Pentagon & Non-Western Nations    
Embrace Foundation International

30 January 2018

There was an oversight in mentioning that Embrace had also uploaded photos of VietNamese  
sacred places under the sections of Confucianism and Taoism.

So in total, sacred places in Viet Nam can be found under the following six categories listed  
alphabetically: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism and Traditional.

Please note: Temples in the city of  Hoi An are often classified as Assembly Halls or Congressional  
Halls of various Chinese coming from different geographical locations. All include temples or places  
to worship within them. In Penang, Malaysia these same Halls with temples are often called “Clan”  
houses. A “British Colonial” designation.

It is very difficult to label Traditional and Taoist temples. Generally, Vietnamese and Chinese, and  
temples that are a combination of Vietnamese and Chinese influences can be defined by the central  
or largest deity in the temple.  However, generations change, new deities or ancestors are added,  
others lost.  In the case of some writers, who do not actually know the temple they are writing about  
and are not practitioners of the religion or spiritual tradition they are writing about, mislabel these  
sacred places.
In the case of EmbraceSacredPlaces.Org, ancestor temples fall in the category of Traditional,  
as well as temples primarily dedicated to great personages.

Buddhist Temples always have as their central figure either Shakyamuni Buddha or a particular  
Buddha or Kwan Im or Guan Yin (the Goddess of Compassion, known by several names) or by  
Avalokeswara - Avalokiteshvara (the God of Compassion - the male version of Kwan Yin, Guan Yin)  
or in the case of the Tibetans and His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s personal Deity (Chenrezig- the  
name of the God of Compassion in Tibetan.)

Often in Southeast Asia there are many statues of non-philosophical Taoist deities and in temples  
that are still primarily Theravada, there are often statues of Arhats. In general, Arhats have achieved  
self-realization but have not achieved the status of a “Buddha.”  (There are numerous Buddhas in  
numerous worlds.)

There is an exception to the previous description of Buddhist temples we have given and that  
exception is in Sikkim. The bringer of Buddhism to Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet was Padmasambava and he  
has been attributed with many miraculous powers. He is particularly loved by the Nyingma and  
Kagyu Tibetan traditions and there are Buddhist temples that seem pretty much dedicated to only  
him usually showing him conducting his many miracles throughout the temples.

In general, so that no misunderstandings arise, Buddhists (especially trained monks, nuns, geshes  
and so forth of all schools of Buddhism)  usually concentrate on the good qualities or aspects of a  
Buddha or deity which represents (generosity, courage, compassion etc.) to gain insight into that  
quality and make it their own. It is not considered worship. However, this is often not the case for  
devout lay Buddhists.

Some Buddhists, such as the famous Thich Nhat Hanh from Viet Nam now living in France,  
emphasize “Mindfulness” meditation which is a strong discipline to keep track of all your thoughts  
and to try to eliminate negative, harmful patterns of thinking. His teachings have a very wide  
audience among Westerners many who consider themselves non-religious, as well as people  
brought up in Buddhism. It is a practice that can benefit people of all persuasions, just as Hatha  
Yoga is practiced by people of many different religions.

The most difficult temples to label are Taoist. That is because most Taoist temples are combined  
with traditional beliefs. The philosophy of Taoism given to the world by a man we call Lao Tzu and  
the later disciples of his philosophy does not provide for worship (like Confucianism.) Philosophical  
Taoism of the original Taoism is not widespread in Asia. (The Tao Te Ching the original book of  
philosophical Taoism is very popular, however, in the West.)

Some people will say that if the Jade Emperor is in a temple, then it is Taoist. As a non-  
philosophical Taoism, of course it must be considered as such. But it is a form of Taoism pretty  
much unrelated to the philosophy of Lao Tzu, Chu’ang Tzu and others of the philosophical school.

There is little confusion with Confucianism (Kong Zi), which is a philosophy and whose very ancient  
temple in Hanoi is called “Temple of Literature.” Devotional people still leave gifts to statues of  
Confucius and some of his scholars. It is a sign of respect and honor. However, as we have noted  
before, a Confucius statue might be found in a temple incorporating the Buddha, non-philosophical  
Taoist deities and/or ancestors and other. Traditional, revered persons.

The optimism and exuberance of some modern Chinese and Vietnamese temples incorporating  
mixed traditions are a joy to visit and their innovative designs and bright colors are uplifting to  
photograph. The monks and people are often very proud of their temples and make a visit to them  
by outsiders a wonderful experience. History is important but new traditions are finding their place  
of importance also.

The Embrace Editors are currently working editing and labeling photos taken in Hong Kong City,  
Cheung Chau Island and Kowloon.

28 January 2018

Finally!!!  We’ve uploaded all the photos of sacred places from the Founders trip to Viet Nam into  
Embrace Sacred Places. Org. Photos of spiritual places in Viet Nam will be found under:  
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Traditional.

It took an exceedingly long time and we want to apologize to our friends in Viet Nam for the delay.  In  
Viet Nam more photos were taken of different sacred locations than have ever been taken on any  
trip to a single country. In addition, we had an issue with editing them from several cameras and  
finding a few locations that were misfiled.
Our intentions in photographing the details and architecture of locations is for people’s enjoyment  
but more importantly, for a record - to refer to, should the need arise. On this same trip the  
Founders were in Bali and Java and since being there and taking many photos, there have been  
several earthquakes near important spiritual places This was one area Embrace has been really  
concerned about.

For those who know the EmbraceSacredPlaces..Org website, you will remember that shortly after  
our trip to Syria, photographing many spiritual sites, a war left precious architecture and Holy  
sites decimated, civilians dead and destruction of many innocent peoples lives. This has been the  
case in several countries.

2nd Nov. 2017

The Embrace editors have completed “Traveling in Kashmir” (India) - July and August 2017 under  
CELEBRATE HUMANITY on the Menu. Learn about the Kashmiri people and some of the  
challenges they face, as well as, some suggestions for improving the situation.

31st October 2017

See: New article on collusion between Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the CIA to destabilize Syria  
under SYRIA on the menu.

See: New! Finally!!! Photos of Java’s Spiritual & Religious places under Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam  
and Traditional (Chinese - encompassing Buddhism, Taoism, Traditional) in Embrace Sacred  

24 September 2017

Embrace has just updated the most recent travels of its’ Founders in July and August to CURRENT  
They went to Kashmir, Ladakh, India (which have been under heavy military control for some years  
now) to revisit old friends in the Sufi, Islamic and Buddhist communities who were among those who  
gave Embrace a great deal of support at the very beginning of its’ conception in India in 1982.  

Ajata and Virginia also were finally and joyously able to follow in the footsteps of some of the great  
Dravadin Siddhas in Tamil Nadu.

Many photos are included and articles will be forthcoming in CELEBRATE HUMANITY with regard  
to: (Please be patient. We will notify by RSS, the Marquee & this BULLETIN when they are ready.)


We have added all Bali temples into the EmbraceSacredPlaces.Org website under Hinduism &  
Interfaith (as one temple has both Hindu and Buddhist sacred shrines)

26th June 2017

Once again Embrace has another call for the “witness” of thousands of atrocities committed against  
Palestinian Human Rights in the Holy Land. The vicious Holy Land government arrests people  
without charges or a trial merely because they (even women and minors) write blogs on the  
internet that the government deems a threat. (This is a paranoid government that is threatened by  
just about every thing.).

Now the call for action comes from the coalition of all Christian organizations in Palestine asking  the  
WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES to do what is right.

The Holy Land government forces the Best and Brightest among Palestinians to starve themselves  
to death -  demonstrating to the world the constant crimes against all humanity that this government  

If the Holy Land government continues it’s cruelty and malice it will soon be dubbed permanently by  
the majority of religious leaders from around the world as the “The Hate State.”

It is hardly any wonder that the vast majority of countries around the world do not want to do  
business with it.

The Embrace Founders do not support in any way or approve of political states that define  
themselves as: Buddhist states, Christian states, Hindu states, Jewish states or Muslim  
states. We absolutely reject any concept that one citizen is superior to another by virtue of their  
culture, race, sect, class, caste, clan, tribe or religious, philosophical or spiritual belief.

See; Human Rights Update and Protecting Human Rights

(For further information about Embrace and some of its’ Rabbis, Rebs - See: FOCUS)

10th June 2017

The Embrace Editors have finally (!) completed Traveling in Singapore 2017 for the CELEBRATE  
HUMANITY section of our website with 25 photos of architecture, botanical gardens and sacred  
places. This time with Churches, the major Synagogue and the largest Mosque.  Explore, learn and  
have fun.

11th May 2017

The Embrace Editors have just added Traveling in Viet Nam and Traveling in Hong Kong 2017  
in CELEBRATE HUMANITY with 25 recent photos in each section and information about traveling  
in these countries that you will not get in travel books.

20th April 2017

See the new Traveling in Bali 2017 & Traveling in Java 2017 in CELEBRATE HUMANITY with  
information and 25 photos in each section that can not be found in travel books.

15th April 2017

The Embrace Founders have returned from their three and one half month trip to Indonesia: Bali and  
Java, Viet Nam, Hong Kong and once more to Singapore visiting religious leaders, scholars and  
photographing sacred places and sacred events.  See: Photos and details of the people and places  
they visited in CURRENT

The CURRENT section has been getting so long, we’ve decided to put the enormous amount of  
information regarding traveling in these locations (including a 2017 update on Singapore) in  
CELEBRATE HUMANITY. There are extensive individual pages for CELEBRATE HUMANITY -

Traveling in Bali 2017,
Traveling Java- 2017,
Traveling in Viet Nam 2017,
Traveling in Hong Kong 2017
Traveling in Singapore 2017

Each section has 20-25 photos included. These photos are usually ones dealing with people and  
events and illustrate the lifestyle of people and are not found in the Embrace Sacred Places  
website & registry. The CELEBRATE HUMANITY section is meant to cover aspects of traveling in  
these countries that are not usually covered in travel books.

In a few months we should have the thousands of photos edited and categorized and uploaded by  
country, region and/ or city, village in EMBRACESACREDPLACES.ORG.  Every major trip the  
Founders take, they average well over 7,000 or so photos. Fortunately, the photos are divided  
between several cameras but it adds to the editing confusion.

17th. October 2016

Pentagon's Long Range Plans for Targeting Non-Western Civilians

The Pentagon has issued a public video, justifying the killing of massive numbers of civilians in non-
Western cities which the United States Military can not effectively maneuver around.  According to  
the new video, the Military will be even less capable of exercising any intelligent strategy, as urban   
population bases burgeon in the future.

The Pentagon video released on the 13th of October entitled: “Megacities: Urban Future, the  
Emerging Complexity” purports to project the demise of only non-Western countries into the year  

Embrace which has been outspoken and public on the over-population issue since 2008, responds  
regarding the implicit racism, corruption in the U.S. Military, and wholesale propaganda campaigns  
issued by the Military, CIA and the Holy Land government throughout the institutional media in the  
United States.

References to past examples of deceit, propaganda, violation of non-Western people's human rights  
and links to Embrace articles on the Defense Industry, Over-Population and Intelligent Tactics to  
reverse the trends are included in the article.

Embrace respects the young service men and women in the United States and believes they should  
be able to do the job they signed up for, defending their fellow countrymen and women and not be  
put in the position of waging wars on behalf of multinational corporations, defense contractors or  
wars instigated by foreign countries that would rather see Americans die fighting their unjust wars,  
than their own people.

See      - Possibilities: Pentagon & Non-Western Nations

24th. August 2016

Embrace has updated the Embrace Foundation Universal.Org website and have put 3 videos of  
Dhaya Mesrobian from France demonstrating Thai Buddhist Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage (gentle  
stretching) and Chinese Tai Chi Yoga in locations from Ladakh, India to Temples in Thailand and an  
empty beach in Brazil. Traditional massage in Eastern disciplines is not merely for enjoyment, but for  
healing and for the awakening of insight through movement and the releasing of energy from specific  
body points.

Dhaya spent many years at the shrine of the Hindu Siddha Saint Ramalinga in South, India where  
he began practices that assist in transcending the physical body at the time of death by Jyoti  
Moksha or what is commonly known in the Tibetan Dzokchen tradition as going into the “rainbow  
body.”   The videos your will see on this site are visually beautiful. They are titled in French.  
However, it is easy to view and understand them even without speaking French.  Dhaya travels the  
world teaching and living simply. The last we spoke to him, he was in China giving classes. Please,  

10th July 2016

Embrace Sacred Places. Org is now a NEW! State-Of-The-Art Sacred Sites Photo Registry. Large  
photos can be seen and downloaded, small sizes adapt for mobile phones.

1.) Photos of specific sacred places are now Indexed and easy to find - Indexed by Religion,  
Tradition and Geographic Location.
2.) Click on a religion or tradtion and the Menu will take you to the Index for all photos of that  
Religion in different countries.
3.) There is now also a Menu at the Bottom of the Page for ease.

4.)  ALL photos are FREE. There are over 5,000 of them

The primary goal of EmbraceSacredPlaces.Org is for the protection of locations that people  
find sacred around the world.  However, there is more to the website than that:

In this very difficult world economy, we hope that entrepreneurs worldwide will feel free to use  
some of the Embrace photos for promoting their businesses - in brochures or websites, no strings  
attached. We hope this may help people starting new businesses find success.

This may be particularly useful for those of you in the travel or tour business. (Yes, we are  
remembering our tour guide friend in Ethiopia.)

We wish every entrepreneur, in every country much luck with their new ventures!

There is a funny story the Editors would like to mention with regard to enterprising people.  
A year or two ago,  Embrace was looking into a “secure” search engine. One of our  
Webhosts outside the U.S. suggested “Duck, Duck Go.”  We thought lets see what this is  
about. We had rather a shock when Embrace Foundation came up.

Someone in Africa was charging money to download from one of Embrace's News & Information  
sites a section entitled; “Embrace Human Rights” for a fee.  At first, we didn't know what to think,  
but after awhile we realized that this entrepreneur was providing a great service.   Access to  
computers and printers is not always easy or cheap enough for many people in Africa.  Furthermore,  
any one distributing Embrace's information is doing us a service. We'd like to thank this entrepreneur  
wherever he is. Please, help yourself to these photos for enjoyment, inspiration or business  
wherever you are.

26th May 2016

Dear Friends Around the World, Embrace Editors have re-created and extended the EMBRACE  
FOUNDATION ARCHIVES.ORG website. Also, note that all photos have titles (captions) and  
locations, people and events can be easily identified.

There has been an additiion of hundreds of letters from religious/ spiritual leaders and scholars from  
around the world, as well as some selected letters from “Public Figures.” Some letters from  
government officials touch on issues we've been involved in.

Note: There are sometimes several letters following one another on the same PDF page. For  
instance under: Dudley Moore, there are four letters one following another.

There is the inclusion of a few of our annual newsletters, talk schedules with guest speakers and  
with Embrace's President Ajata N. Sharma. As well as, just a five new photos under  
Seminars/Classes & VISITORS on the menu. All the former photos, articles, etc. are still there.

30 April 2016

Embrace has new article on Zibabwe's development of a new Technology Fund from Africa Report  
on POSSIBILITIES-Intelligent Communities & Developement and photos from the India Space  
Research Organization from the Orbiter space craft on FOCUS.  Embrace Editors have been  
working almost non-stop since the beginning of 2016 to upgrade, expand and improve all of our  
websites, most recently available is our EmbraceFoundationArchives.Org which has new  
additions and will be getting more.

23 February 2016

Who is Creating Terrorists? (besides the Holy Land's Intelligence Agency)
A Brief Synopsis of CIA activities
Without the CIA there would have been no 9/11. The agents and operatives of the CIA didn't die in  
the twin towers, American civilians died. Do grassroots citizens really want assassins defining  
Foreign Policy for them?

See: DIPLOMACY -  Articles:  10 Secret Armies of the CIA 


The Prime Minister of the Holy Land has been hysterical over Iran during his entire term in office.  
For the same amount of time, he has been attempting (with his cronies controlling much of the U.S.  
news media) to drive the  U.S. into initiating a war with Iran. The same situation faces grassroots  
people of the Holy Land.  Let us remind them of the Israeli and American Jewish arms dealers who  
have consistently sold arms to Iran and other nations that Holy Land politicians are always eager to  
launch a war against, especially if the war is to be fought by the United States. It is of course,  
servicemen and women of the United States that will get their limbs blown off and return home in  
body bags, not soldiers from the Holy Land.

It would be wise for Embrace's thoughtful readers from the Holy Land to investigate just how many  
political parties in their government (and lobbyists representing their government  in the U.S.),  have  
received large contributions from arms dealers and dirty mafia money.  (Activities such as the  
sex slave trade, child body parts and drugs.)

War is profit for the Holy Land defense contractors and arms dealers, as well as the U.S. “defense”  
contractors and arms dealers and for those financially invested in them. War is also incredibly  
profitable for the ever lucrative field of Holy Land political lobbying. Lobbying  is a multi-billion dollar  
“profit producer” not only for those employed in it's operations but for all political parties and  
individual legislators, regardless of political ideology in both the Holy Land and the U.S.

In addition, war and “dirty money” also represent profit for notable Wall Street investment banks and  
banks of the Holy Land.

In Summation:

It really doesn't matter how many U.S. soldiers come back “wounded warriors” or die, or how many  
Holy Land civilians die - that is irrelevant to the “profit” of defense contractors, arms dealers, political  
parties and politicians in the Holy Land and the U.S.

Final Summation Regarding the Media

Nor is the ending of war or violence in the interests of the media in either the Holy Land or the U.S  
(which are in a large majority of cases of the institutional media the same anyway). War and  
violence only serve as an incentive to the overwhelmingly unscrupulous institutional media to  
attempt to increase ratings and readership propagating hysteria, bigotry, fear and panic through  
disinformation, misinformation and omission.

Embrace Foundation Retreat Center
.Foundation (skype messaging)    -    011+1+212.675.4500 (New York)

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