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Embrace Foundation Media Awards can not be solicited or applied for. They are  selected by the  
Embrace Board and Community Board by monitoring the news.  However, due to the proliferation of  
news shows & periodicals we will now  welcome:

1.     Advance notification of upcoming programs by letter, fax or  phone.
2.     Clippings of articles from newspapers & national non- "special  interest" magazines.

ONE:Consistent courage in presenting objective stories in areas where people from  different
cultures and/or religions are in conflict, even when it is very  unpopular with the general public to do

TWO:Presenting issues relating to human rights violations with objectivity when such  violations are
based on differences of culture or religion.

Presenting a story which reflects  individuals (or groups) who are working together for a common
ideal, despite the  fact that they represent cultures and/or religions which are currently in  conflict
with one another.

Presenting a story which portrays  humanitarian work, self-sacrifice and dignity performed by an
individual (or group) coming from a developing nation and doing work in a developing nation.  (Work
based on universal spiritual/religious ideals.)
The Embrace Socrates  Award

During the 3rd century B.C. in the city-state of Athens, lived the  philosopher Socrates. Socrates  
equated virtue with knowledge and evil with  self-deception. He taught no dogma or system of  
thought. Rather, he claimed  ignorance. Through questioning others by a process of dialectical  
reasoning, he  sought to gain (arete) insight. Socrates is famous for the saying: (De  Anexetastos  
bios ou biotos anthropo) "The unexamined life is not worth  living." "Know thyself' carved into the  
mantle of the Delphi Oracle  also became a maxim associated with Socrates.

According to legend, when Chaeraephon inquired of the Delphi Oracle whether  there was anyone  
wiser than Socrates, the Oracle answered, "No." When told this, Socrates concluded that if he was  
indeed wise it was because unlike other people  he knew he was ignorant.

Considering himself a "Gadfly" of Athens society whose job it was to bite awake those lulled into  
mental lethargy, Socrates fulfilled his mission by  interrogating people where ever he met them,  
compelling Athens' citizens to  examine their lives and themselves. '

Not surprisingly, the unrelenting inquiry soon earned him the wrath of much  of Athenian society.  
The masses elected to have Socrates put to death at the age  of 70.
The SOCRATES AWARD is given to an individual in the media who like Socrates,  has the courage  
to ask those questions which no one else in the industry is  willing to ask. Socrates in a sense was  
the first investigative reporter. He  investigated widely held beliefs, which then as today, are more  
often influenced  by appearances than by facts or the "truth."ยท The SOCRATES AWARD likewise   
represents investigative reporting which keeps the media and public honest.


Propaganda As Violence

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