Human Rights, Religious Freedom & Politics

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For over thirty years Embrace Foundation, has defended the Human Rights of people discriminated  
against, or violated in any way, based on their culture, class, caste, race, tribe, clan or religious/  
philosophical or spiritual beliefs. Among those we have defended have been the Baha’is in Iran, the  
Tibetans in Tibet and the Palestinians in the Holy Land.

We adamantly believe that governments (and government officials) exist only to serve “the  
people” that “the people” do not exist to serve governments.

Embrace is involved with grassroots people entirely and therefore, has no political interest in the  
various forms of government with one exception. The Embrace Founders strongly believe in a  
division between political states and state endorsed ethnicity, culture, class, caste, race, sect, tribe  
or clan in addition to religion or spiritual belief, that is we believe the most just states are secular  
states or states that specifically insure citizen equality, as well as, legally protect religious  

The Founders in no way support or approve of political states that define themselves as:  
Buddhist states, Christian states, Hindu states, Jewish states or Muslim states. We  
absolutely reject any concept that one citizen is superior to another by virtue of their culture, race,  
sect, class, caste, clan, tribe or religious, philosophical or spiritual belief.
We believe in the art of diplomacy which during this period in history seems to have been  
completely destroyed by the injection of ludicrously obvious spies and intelligence agents into  
consulates and embassies. Around the world everyone expects all diplomats to merely be spies.  
Most useful information in this day and age comes from travelling, meeting people, being observant  
and having common sense.

…With regard to the Media. If a media source we recommend is taken over by propaganda agents  
representing a bigoted and hate mongering government , we will continue to expose them as agents  
spreading malice and disinformation.

For all our non-political friends in Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Turkey and so forth, you might be  
surprised to know that the mosques in many cities in the United States, are spiritual home to people  
of all Islamic sects. This includes New York City and Albuquerque. Do not listen or believe in  
propaganda spreading distrust and disinformation between you.


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U.N.Declaration of Human Rights

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Embrace Foundation is a non-profit,  
educational foundation set up to  
create better understanding  
between people of different  
religions, cultures, traditions and  
world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring  
leaders and scholars of world-wide  
religions, cultures and philosophies  
together by sponsoring forums,  
seminars, lectures and developing  
an international exchange program.  
Embrace Foundation is particularly  
concerned with reaching the world  
public through the media.
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