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Protecting Human Rights
Economic and Political Human Rights

The Intenational Court of Justice Hague Peace Palace, Netherlands
Legislate without qualification, that all citizens are First Class Citizens with equal rights under the  
law regardless of their: religion, social philosophy, race, sect, culture, gender, caste, class, tribe or  
clan. Each citizen should have a reason to be enthusiastic in building a healthy, collaborative and  
constructive society. Do not give your country a title that excludes any group of citizens or that  
reflects any particular religious, racial, clan, tribe, class or ethnic affiliation, etc.

Protect the Right to Dissent peacefully.

Protect the Right to Free Speech without libel. (see media below)
Bring to the entire voting public a referendum for any call to war except in the case where a  
state literally has a military evading its’ borders. The decision to go to war should be a decision of  
the grassroots people.

Any issue of critical importance should be brought before the voting public, in it’s entirety, in  
referendum form.

All defense interests should be entirely owned and controlled by the government. No private  
business, particularly where CEOs, CFOs bring in salaries in the millions of dollars (or Rupees,  
Dinar, Real etc.) should be paid for by the grassroots taxpayer.

Do legislate that all government employees, both elected and appointed must have their salaries  
proposed and then voted for by general public referendum. No elected or appointed government  
employee should ever be allowed to increase their pay without a vote of approval by the entire  
voting populace.

Pay schedules for all hired public employees should be posted in easily accessible government  
websites and in print media. All public salaries and independent contractor salaries working for  
the government should be posted on government internet sites andin full page disclosures  
printed in print media. No reductions, raises, bonuses, in salary, etc. should be enacted without a  
referendum vote of the general public.
Pending legislative bills should be posted publicly in all printed news media and broadcast on news  
television and radio broadcasts, as well as on easily accessible government websites.

No legislation should be “bundled,” that is, for example; a vote in favor of allotting funds for new  
schools should not be combined with a proposition for giving a legislature a large bonus.

All soliciting of bids for government contracts of any kind, in any department must be posted  
publicly on government internet websites and in the print media, well in advance of any bid  
submission dates. Decisions on winning bids should be decided by both government, appropriate  
professionals and grassroots civilians overseeing the transparency of such bids. Winning  
bids must be publicly posted in printed news media, broadcast news media and in the  
government internet websites.

Protecting Your Citizens, Your Land, Your Resources, Your Culture

Do not allow any organization (domestic or foreign) or foreign government to lobby in your  
capital or any state, county, in any geographical area of your country under any conditions.  
Legislation should be enacted that would put any elected or appointed official taking gifts or  
bribes from “special interests” or a foreign government into prison without recourse. (See  
terms below).
Do not sell the “rights” to any minerals, land, water, or the “right of way” of any land, river or ocean  
to outside countries or corporations. Make certain that any domestic corporations holding these  
rights can not be bought out or taken over by foreign corporations.

Do protect your agricultural land and your farmers, first. Use agricultural products and  
techniques that you know will not harm the land, poison the water or destroy next years  
seeds. Utilize drip irrigation water techniques. If your country is unable to handle abundant snow  
and rain, build canals, give people jobs - link rivers with canals.

Do not allow any one political entity (government department or person) to have the right to sign  
any contract regarding natural minerals, land or water (both fresh and ocean). Contracts  
should be up for “option” renewal around every five years, bearing in mind that the value of  
many natural resources may well escalate quickly. (All such contracts listed above must be signed  
in the presence of a diverse interests community council and it must be signed publicly by a least  
three elected officials.)

Serving in Public Office

Do not allow individuals with duel citizenship to serve in political office, the diplomatic corps,  
the military or any political appointments. No one can be loyal and serve the best interests of  
two countries.
Protecting the Integrity of Your Media and Internet

Do not allow any foreigners to own or control any domestic media. Do not let anyone holding  
dual citizenship to own any of your domestic media. Media produced or published in a foreign  
country can be distributed within your country, as long as it is stipulated clearly that the point of view  
reflected by an outside political “special interest.”

Do not allow any one culture, ethnic group, religion, philosophy, race, caste, class, sect,  
tribe, clan, political persuasion, media corporation or foreign corporation control of more  
than 10% of any major media: print, television, radio, (news or quasi news talk shows) in any  
capacity; including but not limited to: ownership, production, writing, editing, directing and  

Be aware of media that is tied to foreign espionage *organizations that use your media as a front to  
threaten or blackmail your countries public figures. These public figures are most likely honest and  
are attempting only to protect the interests of their own countrymen and women and constituents.

Do not restrict the internet. It is a healthy outlet and allows unhappy citizens to blow off  
steam.People unable to get a formal education, have the opportunity to take classes and get  
training on line, often for free. The internet also offers many opportunities economically for  
grassroots groups with technical and agricultural skills to do trade and secure business from  
outside the country.It will help with the timely distribution of products, especially agricultural  
throughout your country.
Do legislate stringent libel laws. Any media slandering the name of any person or organization  
should be taken to court. It is incumbent upon the media itself to prove their allegations. If they can  
not back up their claims, they should be heavily fined, equivalent to four months gross profits and  
forced to print a retraction on the center front page or the opening of their televised or radio  
broadcast show. If they repeat the offense they should lose their license to publish or broadcast.  
Propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and slander destroy the goodwill and integrity of a  
society. It often destroys totally innocent people.

Do not allow any one culture, political group, ethnic group, religion, philosophy, race, class,  
caste, sect, tribe, clan or media corporation to control information through search engines  
or IP (internet providers.) No one should own more than one outlet of either.

Do not allow any one culture, political group, ethnic group, religion, philosophy, race, class,  
caste, sect, tribe, clan, political interest or media corporation to own a substantial  
percentage , or control book or textbook publishing. All textbooks should be inclusive of all  
ethnic, cultural groups, races, classes, castes, religions, philosophies, sects, tribes and clans,  
showing their value and contribution to the country as a whole. No textbook should ever  
belittle or devalue any group or gender within a country. Children and young people who feel  
good about themselves are positive and loyal contributors to their society.
Foreign Multinationals

Do not allow outside multinational corporations to operate in your country without a  
partnership with a domestic corporation which is at least 95% owned by citizens of your own  
government. That means that the domestic corporation in partnership with a foreign multinational  
must have no more than 5% of its shares in the hands of foreign stockholders. Such foreign  
stockholders can hold no seats on the Board of Directors and can only have simple common  
share voting rights, equivalent to all other common share holders. The domestic company  
must also employ at least 75% of its own citizens within its own country. No foreign employee can  
be hired in the role of CEO, CFO, Board of Directors or the head of any corporate division.

Do hire outside independent contractors on a short term basis, if your country does not have  
qualified people to work in certain fields. Make certain the contract stipulates the time period in  
which students and citizens should have learned the new skills. Have regular government  
reviews and tests, every three to six monthsto make certain that the schedule of instruction is  
being adhered to and that your citizens are learning. Sources of up to date training, may be  
available from graduate students/ professors from outside universities.

Do considerdoing business with multinational corporations from smaller western countries  
first, if you are going to do business with a Western nation. Smaller countries do not generally  
back up their corporations with spy agencies and military aggression. Good choices for instance  
are; the Scandinavian countries. The Irish are well educated and generally have good international  
ethics, Belgium, etc.
Do not base contracts on good relations with a particular CEO, CFO or Board of Directors of a  
Public Corporation. The leadership of public corporations come and go like the wind. There is no  
consistency in leadership agendas except to make more money.

Do have regular community board reviews of all corporations originating outside your  
country (at least four times a year) - on the impact they have on your environment, the number  
of people they employ, the technical or educational training your citizens are receiving, as  
well as whether they provide a livable salary for your citizens. The advantage of doing reviews with  
the change of seasons, is environmental poisons can be tracked down during some seasons better  
than others.

Do business, if possible with private corporations, rather than public corporations located  
outside your country. Family run or private corporations are generally more stable and the Board  
and employees remain longer. With the death of the Rockefeller dynasty and other family dynasties  
like them, private corporations usually have little involvement with their home government, military  
and the intelligence agencies. There are exceptions, especially when you are considering family  
companies tied to one particular Middle East country with a consistently paranoid and neurotic  
espionage agenda.
Eliminating Bribery & Corruption

Do make certain, to eliminate bribery by having a harsh federal law against taking bribes while  
serving in elected or appointed office. Anyone taking a bribe especially from foreign  
interests of any kind should know that they will spend a minimum of five years in jail without  
parole. (The bribe money will be seized or it’s equivalent value from the acceptors estate and  
donated to charity for the poor. This money needs to be tracked in the media and the public should  
be notified how much went to what programs and see follow-up media giving evidence of its  
reaching the people in need, not into the pockets of politicians or bureaucrats)

Do legislate that no elected government official or appointed official, or military person can  
have an off-shore bank account - such as the Cayman Islands or a Swiss numbered account. No  
honest person has a need for such an account. They are for all intents and purposes places to hide  
bribes, money from extortion, illegal business, tax evasion and theft of government funds. Any  
person within the above classifications or family member, or relative of such a person found  
to have such a bank account through a court trial, will be sentenced to 10 years in jail  
without parole and all the money from the account will be donated to hospitals and  
housing/farming land/ water wells for the poor. The sentenced person after getting out of jail can  
never serve in any capacity of the government or the military.
Security From Invasion

Danger Point: Traditionally, publicly traded Western corporations,wishing to take control of an  
industry or the mineral “rights” or “right of way” of a non-Western country will claim at  
Congressional/ or Parliamentary hearings that due to the fact that their stock is held in pension  
funds and similar broadly distributed financial vehicles, any impediment to their desired actions  
within another country is a “threat to the National Security” - (read economy.)

Such multinational corporations, will historically invent a false threat that they feel will create fear in  
the unsophisticated and less educated masses. They pay a prominent Public Relations firm(s) to  
plant propaganda in the media to gain support for a military invasion and the penetration of your  
country by intelligence agents. If provided the opportunity, the intelligence agency will attempt  
to assassinate political leaders, environmental leaders and labor leaders standing in the way  
of their agenda.

Do not allow any outside military bases in your country ever.

Do not (NEVER) have any dealings with a “spy” organization from another country. Dealing  
with an outside spy agency is like dealing with the “mafia.” (gangsters) You never get rid of  
them. One way or the other you will always “owe” them or you will end up being blackmailed by  
them. Be straight forward and outspoken and very PUBLIC in your dealings with other countries and  
demand that they deal with you in the same manner.
Do publicly expose all spies and mercenaries found within your country Immediately publish their  
photo, location and their name or names in all print, internet and broadcast news media. Throw  
them out of your country. Tell all your citizens, all your government departments to report them to  
the authorities. Notify all neighboring countries of the spies or mercenaries with photos, names,  
locations and the intended purpose of their activities. In addition, bring up the issue of the violence  
of your state’s security to regional organizations such as: the African Union, Cooperation Council for  
Arab States in the Gulf, League of Arab States, Organization of American States, ASEAN, India  
Pakistan Trade Unit and at the United Nations. Embarrass and shame them publicly and often.

Human Rights vs Foreign Crime Syndicates

Do not let organizations from foreign governments build tourist centers (religious or  
otherwise) in your country. Often “so called” tourist centers are tied in with espionage. We  
are familiar with one Asia country that has over 70 “so called” religious tourist centers. More than a  
few of them are located where they can intercept heroin over the border, through the  
Himalayan foothillsand use unsuspecting young tourists to carry it from one tourist house to another  
until it leaves the country. In addition, several of these “so called” religious tourist centers are  
provocatively situated close to politically sensitive borders, where many believe they instigated  
violence through agents using the tourist centers as bases. Street children from nearby  
neighborhoods have mysteriously disappeared near these “foreign tourist centers. One of  
this group’s religious leaders was recently found doing business with stolen body parts.
Poor, over populated countries do not do much to protect their children, either from body parts  
merchants, sex trade merchants or those dealing in the human slave trade. These activities in some  
cases, are activities closely allied with spy networks. As with heroin trafficking, body parts and  
disassembled weapons can easily be carried by unwary young tourists from one center to another  
and to another, until the weapons and body parts make their way out of a country or into many  
distribution points within a country.

Emergency Needs - Civics

Do accept foreign aid only in the case that it goes directly to grassroots people via a broad  
range of charitable and non-profit organizations. It must be stipulated that these organizations  
must use the funds for the objective on hand and are forbidden to use the funds for salaries or  
any sort of pay. Quarterly reviews by committees made up of grassroots people, local people,  
professionals and accountants should be made to assure that the funds are going to what they are  
intended for. All use of funds should be made public through all forms of media.

Do get volunteers to carry out all work needed for emergency causes or for general public  
welfare by implementing a two year (24 month) required volunteer service program for all  
people from high school age through college age. Young people can begin volunteer work after  
school or during vacations or school breaks. They can postpone it until they have completed their  
studies, but by the age of 26, they will have to have served their two years of volunteer work on  
behalf of their country and their people.
Do offer in-depth “civics” courses to all students. More and more children worldwide receive no  
ethical or moral training from either their parents or from any sort of spiritual, religious or humanist  
philosophical training.

Our humanity is only as good as each individuals’ personal ethics. Government is only as  
good as the individuals serving their fellow countrymen and women.

As Benjamin Franklin said; “Government can not be bad, if men be good.”
Clearly our world has a lot of bad “men” worldwide.

Elections, Electoral Bribes

Do legislate that the civic duty and requirement for all media licensing requires donating the  
same size print space with the same frequency for ads by all candidates. Every television  
station and every radio station must also contribute equal time for each candidate to outline  
their position. Any candidate personally attacking another candidate or proven slandering them  
should be disqualified as a candidate.

Do legislate that no political parties or candidates can accept donations from any  
corporations, special interests “labor unions” or foreign entities of any kind, corporate or  
governmental. All donations must only come from individuals within a modest limit.
Do limit the total amount of campaign funds public or personal that can be used in any campaign.  
Let the amounts be modest.

Do legislate that no corporations, special interests or foreign governments can organize or  
pay for inauguration balls or celebrations or make donations to political parties. No  
corporations, special interests or foreign governments can give gifts of homes, land, offices,  
stocks or any other sort of bribe to retiring Heads of State or any other elected or appointed  
office holder. Anyone accepting such bribes should be sentenced, as accorded above and sent to  
prison for no less than 5 years without parole.
Non -Western Nations
Protecting Your Citizens from Outside Exploitation &Terrorism

First Protect Your Government from Within -
to Protect it from Exploitative Tactics from Without:
Help the people Live!
Nourish the people!
Help them live - yet lay no claim upon them,
Benefit them - yet seek no gratitude.
Guide them - yet do not control them.
This is called the hidden Virtue.”
- The Tao, The Sacred Way #10
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