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Trust As The Basis For International Relations
There is no greater need in the world today than to uncover individuals of impeccable character,  
principle and incorruptible integrity to serve as diplomats.

Worldwide, nearly every country urgently needs to find representatives whose main objective is to  
serve their fellow citizens and identify with the needs of their own people on a grassroots basis.

No nation needs politically ambitious, internationally uninformed individuals or foreign spies serving  
the interests of arms dealers, drug runners, human body parts traffickers, slave traders,  
multinational corporations, heads of state, partisan political factions, the military, a clan, class,  
caste, tribe, race or ethnic group to negotiate their best interests.

Consulates, embassies and the United Nations Missions need truly qualified diplomats who  
naturally suppress their own ego and ambition in order that they may faithfully serve the interests of  
all the people within their countries.

The idea that diplomats are really only necessary as spies and that embassies and consulates are  
merely centers for espionage is directly opposed to the true concept of diplomacy, which is  
discussing, collaborating and negotiating to establish a fair consensus.

Preventing World War III
Article by Prof. Vyacheslav Dashichev
Embrace Foundation is a non-profit,  
educational foundation set up to  
create better understanding  
between people of different  
religions, cultures, traditions and  
world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring  
leaders and scholars of world-wide  
religions, cultures and philosophies  
together by sponsoring forums,  
seminars, lectures and developing  
an international exchange program.  
Embrace Foundation is particularly  
concerned with reaching the world  
public through the media.
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